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204 Casco Rd. Naples, Maine 04055 (207) 653-3766 Mon. - Fri. 8am - 4pm

Sebago Metal Fabrication is located in Naples, ME in the very heart of the Sebago Lakes Region.  SMF is one of Maine's leading custom metal fabrication companies.  While we work with metals of all types and alloys, our specialties are Aluminum and Stainless Steel.  Sebago Metal Fab is also the exclusive home manufacturer of ALUMMIKON aluminum dock products.  ALUMMIKON DOCKS offers a complete line of aluminum boat dock products and accessories and are quickly becoming the new gold standard in modular aluminum boat dock systems.

     Here at Sebago Metal Fabrication we have a simple recipe for success.  We combine the highest quality materials available, sourced as close to home as possible with the forward thinking artistry and skill of creative local craftsmen.  This formula results in an end product that is second to none with the kind of wow factor that our clients have come to expect.

     Sebago Metal Fabrication is a proud supporter of Maine and New England businesses, as well as our local community, we make great effort to ensure that ALL of our materials are sourced as locally as possible and we are happy to be one of the few remaining companies to do so.  We take pride in our work, our products and our country  and it shows in the products that we produce every day!

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